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    Get In Shape

    DNA Personal Training was developed for people that are out of shape. We start with very easy, super short training sessions, and continually design your program to suit you. We also include your entire family as part of your nutrition plan, at no extra cost.

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    Let Our Testimonials Tell The Story

    Our testimonials, google reviews, yelp reviews, and facebook reviews, all tell the stories of people that started on this very website!

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  • The hardest part is showing up.

    The Beginning of the Rest of Your Life

    DNA Personal Training will change the way you think about health, fitness, and nutrition. Our personal trainers understand the human body, and the psychology of change.

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We're Tucson's Personal Training Experts

Have you ever hired a personal trainer? Our training is NOTHING like that!

We Guarantee that you’ll look forward to your training sessions. Your personal trainer will start you off with very short, do-able, and fun workouts.
You don’t need to be in shape, and we make sure you feel good when you’re finished. Most people begin getting in shape by going too hard, doing too much, getting too sore, and end up associating exercise as an unpleasant experience.
At DNA Personal Training; you should feel great after exercise, plus we guide you to workout the important movements, and not waste time with worthless, inefficient exercises.
Strength & Conditioning

Strength & Conditioning

The human body adapts very well to the proper stimulus. Our Strength & Conditioning Programs are designed to facilitate the fastest physiological responses to training and exercise.

Modern Nutrition

Modern Nutrition

We'll teach you all about "Fuel Management". Like anything, it takes practice. We don't believe in "bad" foods. Pizza & cheesecake were invented for a reason; to enjoy life! We understand that! We'll teach you how to reach your goals and still LIVE and have fun!

Weight loss & Leaning

Weight loss & Leaning

The human body is the most complex Bio-Machine in the known universe. Everything from BioEnergetics to Psychology influences your body composition. We know the science behind fat loss.

Health & Aging

Health & Aging

It's never too late to protect your future. Our wise program was designed with wise folks in mind. Personal training & customized nutrition planning all focused on YOU to revitalize your cell health and reverse aging.

Our personal training sessions are 30 minutes long, 3 times per week.

Accelerated Customized Training

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  • Looking for CrossFit Classes? We have the only Certified CrossFit Coach in Tucson

    CrossFit Authority

    The Best Training Starts at DNA Personal Training. Both Locations Are Head Coached by The Only Certified CrossFit Level 4 Coach in Southern AZ.

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  • Interested in Group Classes? We're the most experienced CrossFit Trainers.


    Our head coach is the highest ranked, and only officially certified CrossFit Level-4 Coach in Southern Arizona. That's kind of a big deal! We're the best place for beginners to try CrossFit for the first time.

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