Post Training Meal – Sushi

Post Training Meal – Sushi
Recipe Type: Phase 2 & 3
Cuisine: All You Can Eat Sushi!!!
Author: David De La Peña
This was my Post Training day meal today. The entire meal was Nigiri style sushi, totaling 41 individual pieces. Obviously I had to choose my pieces wisely!
  • Sticky Rice
  • tuna
  • albacore
  • yellowtail
  • snapper
  • some salmon
  • a couple of smelt egg
  • 2 miso
  1. Now most would think that a meal like this would make you fat, but I eat like this every Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Below is a picture of me chinning a couple of 45’s x 5 reps during today’s training @ 189 lbs, & 8% BF. Science Based Fitness & Nutrition!
Serving size: 42 total pieces Fat: 34g Carbohydrates: 330g Protein: 180




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