Real People, Real Training, Real Results

“You are a chemistry set, foods are the elements, training is the catalyst. Get the formula right and you can do anything.” ~David De La Peña

One Semester at 69 years old

I can’t thank David and his “team” enough for literally giving me my life back. One semester of private training, and now group classes have not only changed how I look, but have given me more energy, endurance, and strength than I’ve had in years. My friends ask “was it hard?”—and now I wonder why I waited so long.

Last February I was sick, tired, obese, and had lost all confidence in myself. I had just turned 69, and was not looking forward to that next landmark birthday. I was referred by a former client of David’s, Paul Hopman. He said, if you’re serious about getting fit , go to DNA.

David , a true professional, has developed an incredible program that combines nutrition, strength training, and conditioning. His expertise—he has a level 4 crossfit certification , and his logical scientific approach to fitness exceeds anything I could have imagined. I appreciated his patience, correcting my form “remember elbows up”, more times than I like to admit, always inspiring me to be stronger and do more “remember time under load”.

I love the atmosphere at the downtown location. It feels urban/industrial when you walk in—a place to do some serious work, yet have fun. I can see the pride that David has in creating this culture of fitness for anyone walking in the door, from the attitude of each of the staff, to the inspirational 100 words on the wall.

It has been a journey, and it’s not done yet. I embrace my new lifestyle, and know that change in fitness and health is possible at any age—just join DNA, and simply do what David tells you to do.

Before and After, 6 months of training.

Before and After, 6 months of Personal Training.

Janet learning how to squat. 3 months in

Personal training for seniors

At 70 years of age, Janet is now capable of proper movement, enabling her to do things that most in her age group cannot.

“I used to run 30 miles a week. Then I tried DNA!”

I started training at DNA in late January of 2015. I come from a fairly athletic background. I played sports and exercised in a traditional gym setting for about seven years, and was frustrated due to the lack of results that I saw. I had run up to 30 miles a week and restricting my calorie intake for years. I was not a client that came in overweight or completely out of shape. I ate fairly healthy but I did not have muscle definition, or a level of leanness that I desired. My body and my fitness were at a stand still.

Before & After - 90 days
Before & After – 90 days

I was extremely hesitant at first and I worried that I would gain weight, as David had told me to cut my running down by at least half. This concept was terrifying to me, I was afraid that if I didn’t burn the extra calories running, it would equate to extra fat. David reassured me that if I [gave] the DNA fitness and nutrition program 100% for 6 months, I would be in the best shape of my life. Still hesitant, I gave it a shot.

Within 3 months I saw serious results. I was exercising for less time and eating more than I ever have in my entire life. Much to my surprise, my body fat percentage dropped drastically. I went from 19% to 14% body fat in about 4 months. I felt stronger, more confident and more energetic. My body completely transformed into something I spent years trying to attain through calorie restriction and endless cardio.

Before & After
Before & After

I trained 4-5 days a week at DNA for 5 months. The trainers at DNA spent countless sessions teaching me proper form and technique. At times I was impatient, I wanted to go faster, heavier, etc., but the trainers made sure that I learned the proper form and technique for all the movements incorporated in DNA training. I am incredibly grateful for the time and dedication that the staff spends on teaching clients the correct way to exercise.

Perhaps the most eye-opening aspect of DNA’s personal training and fitness program was the nutritional aspect. I thought that I was doomed to fail. I restricted my calories for years and spent so much time and money on fad diets but nothing seemed to work long-term.

The nutrition plan at DNA had the opposite effect on me. I found myself eating more and getting the results that I wanted! After a while, I stopped calling it a diet and realized that I had adopted a new lifestyle. For me, a diet now means something temporary or short-term. A diet is something that works for a little while. The nutrition plan at DNA is a lifestyle change that is satiating, realistic, and effective. It is the ideal nutrition for active people who seek a healthy lifestyle!

After 5 short months at DNA I was set to move to Portland, Oregon to attend law school. In the short time that I was at DNA, I developed close bonds with the trainers and staff members and it was truly saddening to leave. I was nervous about finding a new gym; especially since crossfit gyms can vary in quality, training, and effectiveness. As soon as I arrived in Portland I began the tireless search of finding a new box.

Kahlia Increased her Strength & Fitness level to her personal highest, in 90 days!
Kahlia Increased her Strength & Fitness level to her personal highest, in 90 days!

I went to several gyms and picked the brains of the coaches, I have not been able to duplicate the experience that I had at DNA but I have had the pleasure of finding a similar sense of community and belonging.

The box that I am currently at is for experienced crossfitters. I learned hard and fast that I was among elite athletes in the Portland metro area. The WODs are jam-packed with advanced Olympic lifts and they tend to move at a quick pace.

I no longer have the experts at DNA to guide me through all the workouts and help perfect my form, but I have the knowledge and training that was passed on to me. I can confidently train with crossfit athletes that compete in regional competitions (and win!) with my DNA skills set. I’ve been pushed to limits that I did not know existed and my foundational training as a member of DNA has given me the strength, endurance, and perseverance to succeed. I’ve been able to train at a competitive and advanced level in Portland, thanks to David and his team of trainers. I’m looking forward to competing in my first crossfit competition in a couple of months and I owe all of my abilities to my home gym, DNA!

~Kahlia Corral

The Spouse of a DNA Client!

My wife wanted to lean up, get stronger, ward off the effects of the desk job. Spouses were invited to the DNA nutrition seminar and I came along, somewhat reluctantly, knowing I would be subjected to the food plan, but also curious, because I could stand to lean up too. At the kickoff seminar, I was impressed with the individual attention David gave to his clients, including their significant others. He wasn’t in a rush, he was happy to explain things thoroughly. I found his nutrition advice sound and marvelously simple to follow. No counting calories. Just a few simple rules. All whole-foods based.

Of course, changing one’s eating habits is difficult, and the though of being hungry only adds to the “fun”, I thought gloomily as I began this plan with my wife. Surprise! David’s plan really provides the nutrition you need to avoid the worst kind of cravings that typical diet plans leave you with. This was by far the easiest and most successful nutrition plan my wife and I have tried. We have both leaned up, are continuing to lean up, are enjoying the effort and having fun trying the excellent recipes that were provided.

I am even more impressed with how I have been welcomed along for this plan as a spouse. David knows it takes both of us to be successful. Being able to hear the information first hand allows me to better support my wife, as well as have my own questions answered.

(She has so far lost about 10% body fat!)

~Ben Wilder

Looking for a life game-changer – and I found it!

Running had been my go-to exercise since the age of 13, and it seemed to be enough when I was younger. I felt healthy, didn’t have any specific diet, and stayed a healthy weight. But, as the years crept up on me, I became overweight. No matter how much I ran, I couldn’t get the weight to come off. I began dieting, but couldn’t find a plan that I
could stay on for any length of time. I knew I needed something different – I needed something that was going to change my life and something that was doable for the rest of my life.

When I met with David, I told him I was looking for something to get my 50+ year old body into shape and keep it there. He told me he had a sustainable nutrition plan and exercise plan that would do all I wanted. The very next day, my daughter and I started our personal training with David. I started out at over 34% body fat. I trained three days per week, half hour sessions or less, and followed David’s nutrition plan.

Eight months later, I am down to 23% body fat. I’ve lost 34 pounds of fat while gaining lean muscle mass*. I feel better than I have in many years. I am stronger and athletically lean.

Kathleen Before
Kathleen Before
8 Months Later
8 Months Later

David tailors the training plan to each individual, and makes our training sessions challenging and fun. My daughter and I have remarked to each other numerous times how good we feel after a training session – challenged and accomplished.
David makes the nutrition plan easy to follow. He also shares with his clients his wealth of knowledge of the science behind his nutrition plan.

David truly cares about his clients’ well-being and their physical fitness. He feels like your friend from the moment you meet him. He is easy to talk to and listens carefully to every concern. He and his team of trainers also continually watch and instruct to ensure that all exercise and lifting movements are done with correct form, every time.

David, Tina, Marcin, and Ernie, thank you all so much for everything you give and share
at the gym. Your expertise and caring is appreciated well beyond these words!

~Kathleen Shear

You’ll be glad you did 🙂

My name is Taylor Wellman and I’m 21 years old. In just 60 days I have seen a huge difference in my body. Right before I started David’s eating plan, I weighed 131 pounds. Sixty days later, I am now weighing 116 pounds. Aside from just the weight loss, I have seen some really great changes in my body. I used to get sick at least once a week with migraines and stomach aches that were so bad I could hardly function. I used to have acne that i couldn’t control. Now, two months later after eating right, I have eliminated almost all of my migraines. I haven’t had the stomach pains that I used to, and my acne has cleared up almost completely. I am in a stressful time of life as I am studying at the U of A, planning a wedding, and helping my family start a new church. And yet, I feel better about myself, feel more rested and have more energy than I have in a very long time.

The craziest part of all of this is that my results came from 0 days of working out. I never once went to the gym or took a run. I am not the “athletic” type and yet I have seen/continue to see a huge transformation in the way I look and feel. If you’re like me and not happy with the way you look and feel right now, I challenge you to make the change that I did. Ask somebody at DNA Crossfit how you can start eating and feeling a lot better! You’ll be glad you did 🙂


This journey has been life changing!

IMG_1212Before I found DNA, I was extremely unhappy with my fitness level, my health, and how my
body looked in general. Even though most people would tell me I was lean or skinny, I knew that I was
very unhealthy. I had been feeling out of control with exercise and dieting – trying so many different
things, but not finding anything I could realistically stay with as a lifestyle.

During my first meeting with David, it was confirmed after body measurements and calculations that I
was, in fact, “skinny fat.” He explained the DNA philosophy and his initial plan to create a realistic
means for getting to the fitness level I wanted. I started that day and haven’t looked back!
With just three workouts per week and following DNA’s nutrition plan, I’ve dropped my body fat
percentage from 29% to 20%. I am seeing muscle tone and am so happy with my fitness level. My energy has
increased as well.

This journey has been life changing. It’s a plan I will be able to stick with realistically as a
lifestyle. I am so grateful for David, Tina, Marcin, Ernie, and Emily. Not only have they given me the
tools I need, they are a great support network.

~Aubrey DeVries, RN

By the time I turn 60 in October, I’ll be running again!

FullSizeRenderI’m a retired Army NCO and was able to stay in pretty good shape throughout my career, even earning the physical fitness excellent badge on multiple occasions. During my second deployment, I injured my knee. I’ve also had rotator cuff surgery.

Over the past few years I’ve grown more sedentary and have repeatedly aggravated my knee whenever I’ve tried to exercise on my own. I finally decided to take the bull by the horns and seek some help. I’ve been going to DNA for the past nine weeks and cannot believe the results I’ve experienced already. I have a spring in my step, my knee feels better, I can touch my toes, and am knocking out a dozen good push-ups!

Thank you, David and Tina. Your trainers are outstanding–I am proof that it’s possible to get strong and fit at any age. By the time I turn 60 in October, I’ll be running again!

~CSM (Ret) Connie Brannock










If you read other comments about DNA; most start with discussions of previous gyms, programs, and sports. This one can’t start that way, because they don’t apply to me. I’m a 53 (well almost 54) wife, mother of 4, and a fourth grade teacher. I did not work out, wasn’t too heavy, and had no strength. My husband and son started CrossFit training at DNA a while ago. I finally joined them during a summer special for teachers. It was tough, but I completed that summer of training and went back to my usual life of work with no exercise. The next summer I did the same thing. You think I would have learned because starting CrossFit is tough. Summer came and went and so did my workouts.

During my annual physical this year, I was diagnosed with osteoporosis. Things had to change. The first change was a commitment to continue my CrossFit training even when school started in August. Thanksgiving is next week, and I’m still training. Every training session my goal is the same – complete today and be able to come back tomorrow. The second change was diet. My husband and I started by following David’s advice. We increased our protein, increased our vegetables, decreased our carbohydrates, gave up soda, and planned bonus meals once a month. I know when you hear diet; you think low cal. Low calorie eating and CrossFit training do not work together. My eating is very healthy and very satisfying. I’ve lost 8 pounds over the summer and decreased my body fat to under 19 percent.

I feel great, and I’m very pleased with my body. Thanks to David and all the great trainers at DNA, I am physically and mentally strong. Oh by the way, a family that trains together stays together. My husband, son, 2 daughters and I all do CrossFit training. My daughters live and train in Phoenix. I highly recommend DNA Personal Training to everyone!

~Susan Baine – High School Teacher

 Jamie Lost 12% bodyfat, dropping from 37% down to 24% in 6 months!

jamie-wong-Photo-Sep-17,-5-52-19-AMIn the past I have struggled with my weight constantly going up and down and staying healthy.  I’ve always lost weight by taking in less calories and increasing my activity.  It was difficult because I would be hungry and tired all of the time.

When I joined DNA I thought it would be good to just try this crossfit stuff everyone was talking about and do something different.  I wanted to kick start my weight loss so I joined the 21-day nutrition challenge that helped with nutrition portion and included taking the classes.

Right away I could feel a difference in the amount of energy that I had.  I felt awake and alert all day at work and it felt great.  Plus, I wasn’t ever hungry.

After the challenge ended I stayed on the nutrition plan and for the next couple months I didn’t have any big losses in terms of weight.  I have always focused on the scale so it was easy to get discouraged.

One thing that kept me motivated was that I continued to get stronger and faster during workouts.  I kept beating PRs (personal records) and my running had improved more in the past few months than it had in the past few years!

It helped to have the support from all the trainers and everyone in the class.  When I was measured this past week it showed that the numbers were finally catching up to how I was feeling and that just makes me excited to see what else I can do in the next few months.

~Jamie Wong

Another Amazing Couple Transformed in 6 Months!

Ricky AND Marina lost 85lbs combined, in one semester (6 months).

Couple loses 85lbs in 6 months




















I remember that first day in January 2014, when Ricky and Marina started training. There weren’t any heavy weights being lifted, no fancy olympic lifting, just an out of shape couple struggling to learn a proper squat. In fact, that first day of training only took about 15 minutes.
Fast forward 6 months and you’ll now see a different Marina doing unassisted pull-ups, along side Ricky who can strap on 50lbs for weighted pull-ups.

I’ll have their full testimonial soon!


I Couldn’t Be Happier With the Results

I started working with David only 6 weeks ago and feel better than I have felt in a long time. With the focus on Nutrition and proper form he helps build confidence so that you can get stronger and leaner. I couldn’t be happier with the results.

~Tracey Newlove, M.D. – Certified by the American Board of Dermatology

“I’ve Seen Better Results Than Ever Before!”


I have been at DNA for 5 months and have gotten more out of this program than any previous training. Don’t be intimidated! You’ll be happy with the results!

~Alton V Hallum III, M.D. “Hank”

American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology with specialty in OB/GYN and subspecialty in Gynecologic Oncology

Ripped by Summer

Late 2013 I decided to do personal training. I’ve never done personal training in my life, so it took some courage but I knew it was worth a try. At this time my diet was mostly sugar and junk and I felt quite unhealthy. David and his team changed all that.

After an initial assessment, David made me clean out my pantry and put me on a sensible diet plan. No gimmicks, no pills, and no starvation. I had personal training for 1 semester, 30 minutes a day, 3 days a week which worked perfectly with my busy schedule (Who wants to spend hours in the gym anyway?) then I transitioned to groups. The DNA team is very knowledgeable, professional and easy to work with, yet at the same time they make you work smart to reach and maintain your fitness goals.

My DNA experience has truly been fun and rewarding. It is something I will take with me after my stay in Tucson. I’m glad I joined DNA Fitness, and so will you.

Selfies taken in 1 month intervals since I started in December 2013.

Month 1
Month 2
Month 3
Month 4
Month 5
Month 6

~Angel Gonzales, M.D.

Another Amazing Transformation at DNA

Video created by Khalifa.

In a little over a year Khalifa lost 159lbs and dropped from clinically obese, to 12% body fat. No supplements, pills, or crazy fad diets.


DNA personal training is an obsession. If you think your gym is working out for you and you haven’t tried CrossFit style classes then maybe it’s time you gave it a shot. I went my whole life at the gym and being athletic but when I started doing CrossFit, my athletic life was changed completely. I had never had a six pack before but look at me now. The coaches are all extremely knowledgeable in classes and in one on one sessions. Get off your butt and get down here and sweat, we all sweat together!

~Mike Jaret








Amazing Transformation


Photo Aug 14, 1 27 13 PM
Drew & Sara’s 6 month transformation!

I have been a runner for about 10 years, running between 10-25 miles/week depending on how busy I was with work and if I was training for a race or not. I considered myself relatively fit and my husband and I joined DNA CrossFit because we thought that the additional activity would help us cope with stress, and I wanted to be able to do a strict pull-up. You can imagine my surprise during the first weigh in when my body fat composition was at 28.5%. I believe the term is “skinny fat”.

When I started, I could not do a full motion push-up, even on my knees, and 5 pull-ups with the green band was a challenge. Only two months later my body fat composition in under 19%. I lost over 9% body fat in only 1 month! Moreover, my lean body weight is up by over 10 pounds. I am still working on my pull-up but the bands keep changing colors. Although the physical changes have been a marvel, as a neuroscientist, I cannot under estimate how this program has improved my cognition. My concentration and short-term memory have improved and although I leave work for an hour every day to workout, my productivity is up so my supervisor does not mind. I should also mention that my baseline mood has shifted towards the positive, which my co-workers appreciate.

Physical activity is the primary intervention that is effective at combating age-related cognitive decline, which everyone is vulnerable to. It leads to increased BDNF and other trophic factors that promote brain health as well as reducing neuro-inflammation. I am grateful to Dave and everyone at DNA for helping my husband and I get our nutrition in order and coaching us through the lifestyle adjustments that we needed to promote long-lasting health and happiness.

~Sara Burke, PhD – Department of Neuroscience University of Florida

Thank you

I’m a married 37-year-old small business owner with 4 kids – needless to say I don’t have a lot of time.  I had some health concerns and needed to make some changes.  I’ve done the typical meat market big box gyms and had some success with weight loss, but would plateau doing the same workout – get frustrated and stop going.  I don’t have time figure out new workouts let alone know if I was doing them correctly.  The very scalable workouts that DNA offers fits my needs perfectly – combine that with the nutritional program.

In 5 months at DNA I’ve lost 8% body fat (+/- 25 lbs), climbed the rope for the first time in my life, made some amazing like minded friends and have lifted more weights then I ever thought possible.  I am in the best overall shape that I’ve ever been in my life.  I also appreciate the environment of camaraderie they have built.  Does not matter what level you are – you will fit right in and be encouraged.  Excited to see what the next 5 months bring!!!

~Chuck Meyer, RA

Thank You DNA

Joining DNA was one of the best decisions! I love it, I am challenged, inspired by others and feel supported. I have made major improvements in both my endurance and strength. Thanks for all that you do!

~Marie Long

I am blessed to be a part of DNA

I have been at DNA personal training for almost a year now and since then I have made amazing gains.  I was at a gym before and didnt see any results in an entire year and in the time I have been here I have lost almost 8% body fat!  Not only have I lost but I have gained much strength as well.

Being recently deployed for 6 months, the support and training guidance from David and Zee was instrumental in pushing me to goals that I would have never thought possible.  I have also gained an amazing group of friends.  The friendships I have made at DNA have been the most rewarding though.  Everyone you work out with provide positive encouragement to get that last rep.  I am blessed to be a part of DNA!

~Kristin Anderson


After 9 months with a personal trainer at another gym, I still was not getting the results I hoped for. That’s when I learned about DNA CrossFit from a friend.  I set a goal to lose weight for my 40th birthday only 2 months away.  Not only did I lose weight and 8% body fat in that short amount of time, but I was stronger, healthier and smarter about nutrition.  DNA CrossFit has changed my life–both body and soul.Happy Anniversary DNA CrossFit, I wish you many more!!!

~Dr. Laila Hishaw – Pediatric and Adolescent Dentistry

I am a whole hearted backer of DNA Personal Training


I am a whole hearted backer of DNA Personal Training.

I have been a runner all my life with several marathons under my belt AND had personal trainers for the last 3 years but I have never seen results like I have achieved at DNA.  I went to personal trainers after a lack of progress after nearly 30 years of regular exercise including running, lifting and yoga.  I still seemed to be treading water.

The workouts are typically short and challenging so my overall work out time has gone down and frankly I am having fun.  The trainers are very good about watching and correcting form so I feel safe attaining new personal records.  David’s nutritional advice was the final piece that brought it all together such that my body is the best it has ever looked with a body fat below 10% and more compliments than I had ever expected at age 35 never mind my current age of 49!

Thank you!

~Curtis Mack, M.D. – Radiation Oncology by the American Board of Radiology


Strong really is the new Skinny

David, I am sending two photos. July 4, 2012 “Skinny Fat Girl”, and October, 2012 “Stomach Definition”! Started DNA fitness at the end of July. Just three short months later, I am starting to look strong instead of skinny and defined instead of loose! My stomach actually has definition and is not on a roller-coaster of bloating anymore. I have gained 3 pounds of muscle weight;-) My clothes still fit despite gaining ‘good’ weight. I am starting to sleep better. I’ve changed my eating habits and still have a way to go. But, I love the way I am starting to look. Super strong at 50 is what I am going for thanks to you!

~Susan Downer










Results Fast

Before –> After about 13 weeks!

Front Squat x5 185lbs –> 255lbs

Shoulder Press x5 135lbs –> 170lbs

Pull-Up x5 35lbs –> 80lbs

Weighted Dip x5 25lbs –> 90lbs

400 meter sprint 1:34 –> 1:08

~Zee Raza





2 months – PHASE I/II = Less Time, More Results

Body by Dave and 2 months of training results. The DNA program is top notch! I’ve always been a runner and worked out at traditional gyms for years, and have not seen these kind of results. The workouts are short, intense and sweet! DNA rocks the hard bods.










Rapid Fat-Loss For A weight loss contest

The biggest help was the nutrition plan that David put us on! It worked perfectly!!!! I lost 39 lbs and 6” on my stomach. The change in our appearance is insane but the change in our lifestyle is beyond belief! We are finally closer to our goals than we could have ever imagined. The lifestyle change is addicting and I feel so great telling others how possible it is to change. After all these years we’ve come to accept that eating is key all else will fall in place.





Guaranteed the best training on earth!

Previously I had been training myself, running, body weight exercises, swimming and biking. I had been able to make it to the top 10% as an amateur U.S. triathlete but was burned out. Bored, tired and no longer seeing progress I decided to make a change and start training with DNA.

Within a matter of two weeks I had put on 5 lbs [of lean weight] and was seeing incredible strength increases. Now, two months later and living on phase 3 nutrition, I am still making huge strength gains, down to 12.5% body fat and up a total of 9 lbs of muscle (eating a ton of real food). The best thing, I train no more than 45 minutes a day (compared to the 2+ hours I used to train) and I have tons of energy all day long. Guaranteed the best training on earth!

~Shannon B.



Burpees oh yeah!

To the trainers at DNA AWESOME!!! I have learned more in three days training with you than I had with six months of private personal training and physical therapy! I am definitely hooked! Thank you!

~Mitzi Nelson Salmon

Great Training!

I have known David for a few years now beginning at Springs gymnastics in Rita Ranch, moving to Purple Heart Park, and eventually to CrossFit.  I started in bootcamp and moved to crossfit; all with David.

I have worked out my whole life starting with being an athlete in high school, then college, then the military.  I love to workout, and David know it too.  He seems to have the knack for knowing a persons ability and then pushing you to the limit.  He is great at making you feel accountable for showing up for his workouts without making you feel too bad.  I’m also amazed at David’s knowledge of nutrition.  Anything you ask him about nutrition, he knows.  David is always willing and quite able to answer questions.  And the very best that I like about David’s style of training is that he makes you feel comfortable in the gym.

No matter how out of shape or unattractive you may be feeling, David makes you feel good about yourself.  Anyone would be lucky to have David as a trainer.


Fit for duty, healthy for life

I came to DNA Personal Training out of shape and with a mission – I needed help getting ready for a physically-demanding law enforcement career (my short-term goal was to pass the entrance PT test) and wanted to be strong and healthy for the rest of my life. I had participated in sports in my childhood but repeatedly injured my knee as a teenager and any exercise I did on my own for the next ten years was sporadic. I needed someone to guide me to my goals and hold me accountable. David explained DNA’s philosophy of clean eating, high intensity exercise, and data-driven results. As a full-time caregiver and student, I needed a method of exercise that was efficient. David started me on Accelerated Custom Training and he got me fit in less time than I thought was physically possible.

David is a true personal training professional. He is flexible with his programming, adjusting workouts depending on the whole picture of your progress, nutrition, and recovery – some of my favorite workouts were designed by David on the spot using my feedback to address how my body was adapting to his training. David is also realistic in his understanding of when to push you past your comfort zone to get results and when to ease up so that you recover and avoid injury. He taught me techniques to improve my mobility, flexibility, and range of motion, motivated me to push past my endurance threshold and to surmount the biggest lifts of my life, and went in depth with the science behind my nutrition and fitness. David excels at giving practical cues for proper form – my biggest fear was that improper form would lead to injury, but his constant evaluation, demonstrations, and teaching style allowed me to polish my technique. David explains movements by breaking them down into simple steps and relating them to real-life activities, making it fun, safe, and easy to learn.

David is surprisingly laid-back for someone who successfully gets people to repeatedly put forth their best effort and who is so passionate about fitness. He answers all of your questions, enjoys discussing the latest research on nutrition and exercise, and cares about your life outside the box. David was honest with what it would take to achieve my goals and his strength training program was wonderfully simple. The amazing part of Accelerated Custom Training is the efficiency – the workouts were intense but quick, so I literally spent more time travelling to and from my sessions than actually working out and I did not have to rearrange my life to squeeze in training sessions. My quick progress was remarkable, but the raw power David was able to add to my fitness was extraordinary. He knew exactly when and how to allow me to progress by applying proven methods of exercise, nutrition, and recovery.

For my PT test David got me past my age group’s minimum requirements and those of my male counterparts more than a month ahead of schedule. When I first walked through DNA’s door, I could do a few knee push ups, a few sit-ups, and ran a 12-minute/mile. By test day three months later I could do 27 regular push ups in one minute, 34 sit-ups in one minute, and run a sub-8 minute/mile. My other performance numbers show how well-rounded his programming is – when I started with David I could do a few un-weighted squats and now I am squatting and dead lifting more than my own body weight. My five rep max shoulder press increased from 20 to 70 pounds, my five rep max bench press increased from 44 to 110 pounds, I shaved more than 20 seconds off of my 400 meter sprint time, and I took two minutes off my 5000 meter row time. In three months with David, I dropped more than 10% body fat, added more than 13 pounds of muscle, and lost four inches around my waist (my old pants no longer fit, in the best way possible). My body is finding its natural weight and I no longer care about the scale’s number as an indicator of my health – I actually got rid of my bathroom scale because my need to control and obsessively tinker was absolved by David calculating my caloric needs based on my fitness goals.

Accelerated Custom Training is more than just a strength training program – David taught me life skills that I will use forever. I can now make informed nutrition choices even when I’m pressed for time. My progress and healthy lifestyle, a direct result of David’s input and inspiration, has even motivated the people in my life to make improvements on their own with regard to food and exercise. If you want to meet a fitness goal, bring it to David and let him figure out the best way to get you there. It will be a lot of work but you will thank yourself later and wonder why you did not start sooner. I will not hesitate to return to David’s personal training services if I need help reaching another fitness goal, but for now I am continuing to improve by using his programming and coaching in the group classes. If you have any questions or want more details, please do not hesitate to email me at 85syrah@gmail.com and I will be happy to discuss my experience with David and Accelerated Custom Training in further detail.

~Sarah Norris

My first real experience with crossfit

You were the one to show me the ropes (and correct my shitty form haha) and overall lead me to the love that I have for this life style today. I honestly hold you as one of the most influential people in shaping my life to what it is today. And I want to thank you for that.
Again, Thank you for all that you have done for me and for all the other people you’ve helped along the way.

The Way To Go!

Hello David. Remember me?…

You transformed my body in the few months I was working out with you. I was amazed at the weight loss and condition I achieved. You got me under 200 lbs for the first time in 20 plus years and I knocked off over 9 minutes from my 5K. Heck, I couldn’t even do a 5K when I walked in the door on day 1! I wanted to finish off my last month but alas, my 30+ years of back problems finally caught up with me.

I recently started out doing some light WODs I found on the web. I wish your studio was closer to me so that I could join you again. I will continue to gradually increase the intensity to my workouts. Your training, direction and coaching has convinced me that Crossfit is the way to go to stay healthy and fit.

I just wanted to drop you a line and say hi. I never gave you a testimonial and can’t remember if I said bye and thanks for training me. I hope all is well and that your gym is thriving. The people in your gym are lucky to have you.

Thanks You,

~Art Hernandez

My 4 C’s!

Hi, my name is Audrey. I’ve been a member at DNA Personal Training Center for around 4 months. Before joining, I had always wanted a road bike and finally last year I decided to get one. When I first started cycling, I couldn’t  ride 5 miles without getting out of breath. I left cycling on the side for a bit and started cross-fit at DNA. I was instantly hooked and trained consistently. After several months without riding I recently jumped back on my bike. I went on a ride with a friend of mine (who is highly experienced) and to my surprise I finished 40 miles!! I was very impressed with myself and my condition and finished strong. My conditioning and strength have never been better! CHALLENGE yourself by making a CHOICE, give it a CHANCE and CHANGE!


Why did I take so long?

Just a little background. I had spent about 6 years going to the gym five to six days a week. I felt really good about myself. Then my job took me on the road and my workouts became less and less. Its hard to find a gym out in the bush! Finally I gave up, packed on a couple pounds and sat fat dumb and…..not happy. After about seven years I finally gave up work on the road and planted roots once again.

In June my wife Tawnya started at DNA and I started working out at the base gym. She would tell me about her workouts and they sounded crazy! She always would invite me to join her but I thought I needed more time in the gym before I was ready. It took me till September until I joined her for a Saturday class…and that is all it took, I was hooked! I found a workout that is like no other. I can push myself further than I thought I could. I really feel that I wasted so much time in a GYM.

After the first 30 days I can see and feel a difference in myself. What can I say about the staff? David, Zee, and Kate are exceptional, they help me have the strength and drive to complete our workouts and each I can call my friends. I am still having a bit of a struggle with the nutrition but the staff is there to help me achieve my goals.

All I can say is “This is a life changing experience!” The best part is DNA Training is for any and everyone!

~Curtis Freeman

Happy I found DNA Personal Training

This is my story and testimonial, maybe you can relate…

In thinking I needed to create a huge deficit to my calories I was regularly running about 30 miles per week. Exerting about 3,100 calories a day while taking in about 1,200. At the surface level, this seemed like the perfect formula to loose on average 2.5lbs per week…but that was obviously NOT happening and my frustration was going through the roof. What I have recently learned through my consultation with DNA Personal Training is that my body was starving itself due to my deficit and was absolutely holding on to every single little bit of everything, especially fat. This may be obvious to some of you (nutritionists and fitness buffs) but it was all new to me.

Recently I have changed up my diet to include [the right amount of starches for fuel], more protein and [enough] fat in order to train my body [increase performance] and to burn fat instead of storing it (Again, with instruction from the folks at DNAPT). I was educated on the fact that our bodies are machines that work on fulfilling one major goal “SURVIVAL” and what I was doing was causing my body to think I was killing it via starvation and too much exercise, so it was holding on to everything for dear life.

Needless to say, I am super thankful for the scientific approach and expert knowledge of David and after only 4 short weeks of training with a different intensity and frequency and with some major tweaks to my diet, I am now feeling like a million bucks and back on track to reaching my goals.

Sometimes it is not just a matter of effort, desire or will…those are essential, but to really break through it takes knowledge and the ability to listen to experts who have paved the way by personal example and who know much more on the subject at hand. I am by no means an expert on this stuff, but have thankfully found a few who are, and am rejuvenated, more dedicated than ever.

Last point: Keep going! Seek the council of experts and don’t ever, ever stop on your journey to transformation!

To our mutual physical, emotional, spiritual, relational and professional success and beyond!

Thank you DNA Personal Training!

~Fabiano Moura

Gets Results!

I came to David when I needed help preparing not only my mind but my body ready for Marine Corps OCS (Officer Candidate School). This was one of the greatest and toughest things I have ever prepared for and endured in my life! David got me results. I came to him at 155lbs and 28% body fat.

Within 6mths I trimmed down to a lean machine at 130lbs 12% body fat. I was in the best shape of my life. Not only did I get ready to go into Marine Corps OCS, but through the mental discipline of preparing my body it was mental training as well for what as ahead of me. Now I use both that mental training and physical training in my career in law enforcement.

David, and Anne are an amazing team that not only care about getting their clients results that will be life changing but they care about the individual as well. You feel as if you are part of something great and the clients they attract fuel that and help push each other to the next level. Great team, environment and focus. I recommend anyone who wants to get serious about not only changing their health and lifestyle to make the change.

~Gabriela Wilson

Let me start by saying this…. not only the best training EVER, but the best people!!

My name is Kristina and I have to say that I am a very lucky girl to have such caring trainers…David De la Pena didn’t just open a business; he opened doors for anyone who wants to feel good about themselves! Who doesn’t?
I have been training with him for a couple of years now, and every single time I leave after class I feel great and accomplished. Every day is a new experience for me at DNA. Not just that, but my upper and lower strength has increased.

In 2010 I ran for Miss Arizona USA and I placed in the top 15. When I walked on that stage I felt like I owned it with amazing body. Thanks to David for believing in me when I didn’t. I trained with him for that competition a little over 3 months and my results were incredible. I am very happy to say that I see lots more people smiling and pushing hard at DNA. I am looking forward to continue working out.

Right before my competition I went to visit my daddy in Russia (my father owns his own gym) and he said I was the first girl there who could perform 20 perfect pull-ups (in a row)! He is a professional body builder who placed first place many times and he also sponsors clients, so he knows what valuable training is. I saw in my daddy`s eyes how proud he was of me.

I am going to be involved with different competitions and I am looking forward to keep moving with my training (thanks to DNA). Zee Raza, you are a great trainer and always telling me how good I am doing every time I feel like giving up. I remember the first time going on a 5k run with you and how I didn’t think we could run that, but with your motivation and help I felt like I can do anything. I just want to say thank you for everything you have done and do for me.

~Kristina Boynova

Before & After 7 weeks!

David… This is for my testimonial:) enough said and cant wait to do it again… 7 weeks with David:)

~Cynthia G.

A place like family

I can’t believe I have been so very fortunate as to have found a place that has such wonderful trainers, that are not just trainers, but they become family. I can’t begin to explain how David and Zee have kicked me back into gear, much less my behind! I have made amazing strides in just such a short time. I have no doubt whatsoever that I will continue to amaze myself and others.

My nutrition is right on point now, and designed just for me and specifically for my training and off days. This has made so much of a difference. I feel better being able to eat food while editing out certain foods instead of having a list of all the foods I can’t have then trying to figure out what I can eat.

I know I must be losing weight, but I don’t care anymore. I see the change in the fit of my clothes, and the size going down. Doesn’t matter anymore what I weigh, just that……hey honey, this ain’t looking so bad…..that really is all the reinforcement I need.

The encouragement and support and yes, the tail kicking daily has been so completely amazing that it blows my mind. My son Blake is now so excited everyday just to get to go with his “cool mom” to go workout. I started this road dreading that I had to come to terms with this being my new lifestyle, now I embrace it and it has really become my life.

The family environment really adds to being welcomed in the door. From the  Davids youngest greeting you with a smile and a giggle, to his oldest encouraging everyone to do their best as he runs right beside you.  Zee and his family being there, and the laugh he has makes you laugh just because he is laughing. David is just infectious!

This is the place to be! This is what makes this place so special. It’s not a place you go to because you have to just to maintain as you get older. This is a place you go to just because you want to go have some fun. It’s not torture ( although during the workout it feels like it) it’s actually fun. I can say I would certainly rather get up in the morning and go run, and look forward to my evening workouts than do some of my old bad habits. It took a long time for this ole gal to figure out what fun really is.

Thanks so much a million times over!

~DeAnna Tamez-Scroggins

Top 1% of CrossFit Coaches I have worked with

The CrossFit prescription is “constantly varied, high-intensity, functional movement.”  In practice, this turns into exercises including gymnastics, oly lifting, power lifting, kettlebells, and running.  At the core of an effective CrossFit program is coaching and programming.

David is an exceptional coach and expert programmer.  While random WOD generation can be effective, adding in a dose of programming to calibrate for a strength, flexibility, or another focus is key.  I have had the opportunity to workout at CrossFit affiliates all over the world and I’m constantly impressed with David’s implementation of the CrossFit approach and his ability to coach all movements from a simple squat to complex Olympic lifts.

As a military member, functional movement and fitness is important and David provides that with skill as both a coach, directing movement, and developing programs.

For example, we did an 8-week strength building phase where we did a set of core lifts repeated each week with a daily metabolic element after the strength lifts.  The metabolic component was short and designed to prevent loss of cardio endurance and speed while focusing on strength for 8 weeks.

My personal strength development from start to finish was phenomenal.  I increased my 4-rep max in: dead lift by 30 lbs (315-345); my chin ups 15 lbs (55-70); ring dips 49 lbs (80-129); and bench press 25 lbs (195-220); and squat by 25 lbs (250-275).  This all had an incredible overall effect on my 1-rep maxes as well (CrossFit Total).

I have attended and sucessfully completed the CrossFit level I certification and have been exposed to dozens of coaches both in and outside of CrossFit.  David is in the top 1% of the CrossFit coaches I have worked with.

~Dustin T.

David knows his stuff!!

I was looking for a way of slimming down when I took David’s 4 week [private training] and nutrition program. I had never been the type to count calories, but David had me on a calculated amount of fat, carbs, & protein for both training and off days. [He] had me [time my eating], and the workout itself consisted of [only] between 15 to 20 minutes! I would train, then go home to eat what would sound like an insane amount of food for someone looking to lose weight.

The first week was tough, especially sticking to the plan on weekends, as was the second week. By week 3 I was getting the hand of knowing what to eat and my workout performance was INCREASING, I was getting stronger with each workout. By the end of the fourth week, I had lost 7 pounds and seen considerable gains in the amount of weight David had me working out with. He taught me how to feed my body and explained the reason for eating how I was eating. His carb [cycling] on workout days went against everything I thought I knew about losing weight, but as the weeks went on, my clothes were fitting a looser and I was getting stronger without the bulking up that I had always done.

I encourage any skeptics to just give 4 weeks to David, and you’ll agree with everthing I just posted here. My 4 weeks with him are over for now, but I still continue the new eating habits he taught me and the compact workouts I learned from him, so that I can continue seeing results, even after I have reached my desired goal. I will post another testimonial in the next 4 to 8 weeks and let you all know where I am now at.


Stubborn like a mule…

I am a woman with all the excuses in the world on how to avoid the gym.  I’m easily bored with traditional gyms and used to always look for quick fixes for weight loss.  I started training with David in 2009 and he kicked my ass.  The workouts varied daily and he didn’t give me the time to space out (space cadet here.)  Though the numbers did not fall off like my fellow campers, the change was there.

My size was shrinking and I grew stronger in every way.  Mentally and physically.  When I started I huffed and puffed (and walked) a lap.  I left mentally ready for my first race… a marathon.  David will always throw in a bunch of facts during workouts about nutrition and as much as I don’t want to admit it, “David, you were right.”  David will not bull**** you and he will kick your butt…  but in a good way.

~Karen K.

Unmatched professional

Dave has the uncanny ability to instantly assess your overall fitness level and figure out how to push you to the NEXT level, over and over again.  He always gives me goals that sound unrealistic at first…but end up being totally realistic and attainable.  The depth of his knowledge, coupled with his passion for health and fitness, makes Dave the best trainer I’ve found anywhere.


My highest recommendations

Sometimes life sends us a small miracle in the form of a person we almost mistake for an angel… And all we can do is say thank you. Those words sum up how I feel about David de la Pena and my experience with him as my trainer. That statement may seem extreme, but give me a chance to explain why I feel this way.

I started training with David in May 2010. I was at a point in my life where I was not in horrible physical shape, but certainly not in great shape. However what I definitely was, was unhappy. I worked out sporadically throughout my life but never made a commitment to my fitness. Instead I would do the “fad” diet thing. I reached a point where I was unhappy with myself. The day I met David for a consult he made such an impact on me, that I immediately signed up. This guy knew what he was talking about.

Over the past 18 months, my strength, agility, and endurance have increased drastically. My physical appearance has improved, people tell me all the time. But what has really benefitted the most from the training is my soul. I feel amazing! Any fears that I had before have all been removed.

I feel so confident and feel as though I can do just about anything. I think this new found confidence comes from seeing that I could overcome things that I never thought that I would physically be able to accomplish. I’m doing things right now that I never thought I would do. The reason I am able to do these things is because David pushes me beyond what I think my limits are. It’s because of his belief in my abilities that I actually accomplish these feats that I never thought I could. So needless to say, I feel better now than I have ever felt in my entire life. I hold David with the highest regard and respect that you can hold any person. I appreciate all that he has done and will continue to do for me. I say continue to do for me, because I have changed my life and fitness is now a part of my lifestyle that I embrace, rather than something I dread doing.

I give David my highest recommendation for this level of fitness and training for anyone who wants to change their life. So thank you David, you’re an angel.

~Mariana M.

Forever Grateful!!

For years… I, like many, was guilty of seeking any type of quick-fix to weight loss.  I was willing to put any form of powder, juice or mystery pill in my body with the hopes of magically melting off the pounds, without putting forth any type of effort or getting off the couch.  I found every excuse in the book NOT to get in shape; too much money, not enough time; need new workout shoes (my personal fav).

In July of 2009, I started training with David.  After my 3rd pregnancy, my mind was weak and tired, my spirit was broken and my body was fat.  I couldn’t run 400 meters without stopping, couldn’t hold my body weight yet alone push it down to the ground or pull it up on a bar.  Day after day, committed to my success, David pushed me, challenged me, and created unique routines, “constantly varied stimulus”, that dramatically changed my body and altered my spirit.

I found myself not only dropping the pounds, but attacking feats of fitness I never imagined possible.  Full range push-ups, unassisted pull-ups, rope climbing, tire flipping, handstands, 5k’s.  I began to realize the value of hard work, determination and certainly appreciated the results.
Armed with a new healthy lifestyle, I now had the confidence to tackle any challenge in my life, mental or physical.  David enlightened me on the value of good nutrition to any workout regimen and empowered me to achieve whatever athletic goals I set for myself.

Since my journey began, I’ve lost a total of 80 pounds, I went from a size 18 to a size 6 and I lost almost 20% body fat.  I will always be a work in progress and forever grateful to David for his knowledge, inspiration and support.


*Individual results may vary,