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  • Personal Training
    Personal Training
    Individually Customized Personal Training
  • WISE! Personal Training
    WISE! Personal Training
    Wise Training For Wise People - Ages 50+
  • DNA Modern Nutrition Course
    DNA Modern Nutrition Course
    Certified Nutritionist
WISE! Personal Training
Wise Training For Wise People - Ages 50+

Take control of your health and body! Reverse years of aging, reduce your biological age, and add years of high-quality life to your future! Studies have shown that resistance training is important for maintaining bone density and health.


The Beginning of The Rest Of Your Life!

David De La Peña specializes in innovative training and nutrition programs for people who want to take their health and fitness level back 20-30 years! Many of our clients in the 50+ age bracket started with a few pounds to lose, not much strength, or both, and turned into fit rockstars in just a few months – training only 30 minutes, three times per week, and enjoying a nutrition program based on real foods. They are amazed at how much more strong and flexible, energetic, happy, and healthy they feel, not to mention that they look fantastic!

If you want to feel and look younger, and to build amazing solid arms and toned legs at any age, schedule a free 30-minute consultation. We will work with you to increase your strength, beginning at your level. You will amaze yourself!

Train Smarter, Not Harder

If you want great training, you’ve found the right place

Training Packages are available at competitive rates that adjust  based on program length. Payment plans are available. For a free consultation to see if WISE! is right for you click the button below:

DNA Modern Nutrition Course
Certified Nutritionist

“The human body is a living chemistry set. With the correct formula and proper application of science nearly any results can be achieved.” ~ David De La Peña

2014-02-05 11.35.38-1Our Nutrition Course is a comprehensive approach to a major lifestyle change for you and your family. The course price includes your immediate family and/or significant other, as we believe that healthy habits should be adopted by the entire household.

While created with the athlete in mind, the intent of the program is for the average person to have an all-in-one guide to superior nutritional and physical training science. Whether the goal is fat-loss, muscle gain, increased performance, or simply health and overall well-being.

We leave you to your own philosophies, and simply teach you the concrete science behind human physiology. If you love pizza, ice cream, or an occasional adult beverage, we teach you how to be able enjoy your life, and still reach your goals.

The course includes:

The Nutrition Course is $199 for three months (DNA members receive a $50 discount) – an incredible value for training that will put you on the road to better health and happiness. Call or stop by for a free consultation – don’t wait to get on the road to better nutrition! You’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner!

DNA’s  Nutrition program was originally developed by David De La Peña through practice, and after exhaustive research, extensive testing on real people (with the consent and cooperation of clients) and intricate data collection. There is a no-nonsense approach in the creation and implementation of  customized nutrition planning.