Spring Leaning: the 21-Day Challenge

If you have checked your email at all in the last 2 weeks, you’re aware that we are holding a 21-day Spring Leaning Challenge, kicking off this weekend. The Challenge includes meal plans and group training for 21 days.

Sara and Drew: What Happens When You Do it Right!

Sara and Drew: What Happens When You Do it Right!

Why 21 days? Simple, but not what you think. Turns out that stuff about 21 days to make a habit is hooey. Apparently, developing a habit generally takes more than 2 months. In 21 days, you can get a solid start and get through the first big psychological hurdles, while keeping motivation and teamwork high. Also, most of us can get our brains around committing to 21 days of extra discipline; longer than that and the challenge can get daunting. Most importantly, people start to feel terrific after about three weeks of clean nutrition and good training. The graduates will launch from Spring Leaning with new motivation, well-prepared to keep up their healthy lifestyle!

SPRING LEANING Goal: get you back on track with nutrition, or to get you started right if you are brand new to DNA and training. Secondary goals: drop up to 4% body fat and feel great!

We’re excited to welcome about three dozen current and new clients who have accepted the Challenge, and we’ll be posting about their success as the 21 days progress. Meanwhile, please cheer them on as they launch into Spring Leaning!

For more information, click on this link.

Basic details:

Orientation @ Swan – 10am, Saturday, 12 April

21 Days: 13 April – 3 May

Tuition: $97 for new members, $29 for current DNA clients

Prerequisites: a great attitude and a desire to buckle down and get results fast!

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