Ripped by Summer

Angel Gonzales, M.D.

Late 2013 I decided to do personal training. I’ve never done personal training in my life, so it took some courage but I knew it was worth a try. At this time my diet was mostly sugar and junk and I felt quite unhealthy. David and his team changed all that.

After an initial assessment, David made me clean out my pantry and put me on a sensible diet plan. No gimmicks, no pills, and no starvation. I had personal training for 1 semester, 30 minutes a day, 3 days a week which worked perfectly with my busy schedule (Who wants to spend hours in the gym anyway?) then I transitioned to groups. The DNA team is very knowledgeable, professional and easy to work with, yet at the same time they make you work smart to reach and maintain your fitness goals.

My DNA experience has truly been fun and rewarding. It is something I will take with me after my stay in Tucson. I’m glad I joined DNA Fitness, and so will you.

Selfies taken in 1 month intervals since I started in December 2013.


Month 1


Month 2


Month 3


Month 4


Month 5


Month 6

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