If you read other comments about DNA; most start with discussions of previous gyms, programs, and sports. This one can’t start that way, because they don’t apply to me. I’m a 53 (well almost 54) wife, mother of 4, and a fourth grade teacher. I did not work out, wasn’t too heavy, and had no strength. My husband and son started CrossFit training at DNA a while ago. I finally joined them during a summer special for teachers. It was tough, but I completed that summer of training and went back to my usual life of work with no exercise. The next summer I did the same thing. You think I would have learned because starting CrossFit is tough. Summer came and went and so did my workouts.

During my annual physical this year, I was diagnosed with osteoporosis. Things had to change. The first change was a commitment to continue my CrossFit training even when school started in August. Thanksgiving is next week, and I’m still training. Every training session my goal is the same – complete today and be able to come back tomorrow. The second change was diet. My husband and I started by following David’s advice. We increased our protein, increased our vegetables, decreased our carbohydrates, gave up soda, and planned bonus meals once a month. I know when you hear diet; you think low cal. Low calorie eating and CrossFit training do not work together. My eating is very healthy and very satisfying. I’ve lost 8 pounds over the summer and decreased my body fat to under 19 percent.

I feel great, and I’m very pleased with my body. Thanks to David and all the great trainers at DNA, I am physically and mentally strong. Oh by the way, a family that trains together stays together. My husband, son, 2 daughters and I all do CrossFit training. My daughters live and train in Phoenix. I highly recommend DNA Personal Training to everyone!

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