“I used to run 30 miles a week. Then I tried DNA!”

I started training at DNA in late January of 2015. I come from a fairly athletic background. I played sports and exercised in a traditional gym setting for about seven years, and was frustrated due to the lack of results that I saw. I had run up to 30 miles a week and restricting my calorie intake for years. I was not a client that came in overweight or completely out of shape. I ate fairly healthy but I did not have muscle definition, or a level of leanness that I desired. My body and my fitness were at a stand still.

Before & After - 90 days

Before & After – 90 days

I was extremely hesitant at first and I worried that I would gain weight, as David had told me to cut my running down by at least half. This concept was terrifying to me, I was afraid that if I didn’t burn the extra calories running, it would equate to extra fat. David reassured me that if I [gave] the DNA fitness and nutrition program 100% for 6 months, I would be in the best shape of my life. Still hesitant, I gave it a shot.

Within 3 months I saw serious results. I was exercising for less time and eating more than I ever have in my entire life. Much to my surprise, my body fat percentage dropped drastically. I went from 19% to 14% body fat in about 4 months. I felt stronger, more confident and more energetic. My body completely transformed into something I spent years trying to attain through calorie restriction and endless cardio.

Before & After

Before & After

I trained 4-5 days a week at DNA for 5 months. The trainers at DNA spent countless sessions teaching me proper form and technique. At times I was impatient, I wanted to go faster, heavier, etc., but the trainers made sure that I learned the proper form and technique for all the movements incorporated in DNA training. I am incredibly grateful for the time and dedication that the staff spends on teaching clients the correct way to exercise.

Perhaps the most eye-opening aspect of DNA’s personal training and fitness program was the nutritional aspect. I thought that I was doomed to fail. I restricted my calories for years and spent so much time and money on fad diets but nothing seemed to work long-term.

The nutrition plan at DNA had the opposite effect on me. I found myself eating more and getting the results that I wanted! After a while, I stopped calling it a diet and realized that I had adopted a new lifestyle. For me, a diet now means something temporary or short-term. A diet is something that works for a little while. The nutrition plan at DNA is a lifestyle change that is satiating, realistic, and effective. It is the ideal nutrition for active people who seek a healthy lifestyle!

After 5 short months at DNA I was set to move to Portland, Oregon to attend law school. In the short time that I was at DNA, I developed close bonds with the trainers and staff members and it was truly saddening to leave. I was nervous about finding a new gym; especially since crossfit gyms can vary in quality, training, and effectiveness. As soon as I arrived in Portland I began the tireless search of finding a new box.

Kahlia Increased her Strength & Fitness level to her personal highest, in 90 days!

Kahlia Increased her Strength & Fitness level to her personal highest, in 90 days!

I went to several gyms and picked the brains of the coaches, I have not been able to duplicate the experience that I had at DNA but I have had the pleasure of finding a similar sense of community and belonging.

The box that I am currently at is for experienced crossfitters. I learned hard and fast that I was among elite athletes in the Portland metro area. The WODs are jam-packed with advanced Olympic lifts and they tend to move at a quick pace.

I no longer have the experts at DNA to guide me through all the workouts and help perfect my form, but I have the knowledge and training that was passed on to me. I can confidently train with crossfit athletes that compete in regional competitions (and win!) with my DNA skills set. I’ve been pushed to limits that I did not know existed and my foundational training as a member of DNA has given me the strength, endurance, and perseverance to succeed. I’ve been able to train at a competitive and advanced level in Portland, thanks to David and his team of trainers. I’m looking forward to competing in my first crossfit competition in a couple of months and I owe all of my abilities to my home gym, DNA!

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