One Semester at 69 years old

I can’t thank David and his “team” enough for literally giving me my life back. One semester of private training, and now group classes have not only changed how I look, but have given me more energy, endurance, and strength than I’ve had in years. My friends ask “was it hard?”—and now I wonder why I waited so long.

Last February I was sick, tired, obese, and had lost all confidence in myself. I had just turned 69, and was not looking forward to that next landmark birthday. I was referred by a former client of David’s, Paul Hopman. He said, if you’re serious about getting fit , go to DNA.

David , a true professional, has developed an incredible program that combines nutrition, strength training, and conditioning. His expertise—he has a level 4 crossfit certification , and his logical scientific approach to fitness exceeds anything I could have imagined. I appreciated his patience, correcting my form “remember elbows up”, more times than I like to admit, always inspiring me to be stronger and do more “remember time under load”.

I love the atmosphere at the downtown location. It feels urban/industrial when you walk in—a place to do some serious work, yet have fun. I can see the pride that David has in creating this culture of fitness for anyone walking in the door, from the attitude of each of the staff, to the inspirational 100 words on the wall.

It has been a journey, and it’s not done yet. I embrace my new lifestyle, and know that change in fitness and health is possible at any age—just join DNA, and simply do what David tells you to do.

Before and After, 6 months of training.

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