The Spouse of a DNA Client!

My wife wanted to lean up, get stronger, ward off the effects of the desk job. Spouses were invited to the DNA nutrition seminar and I came along, somewhat reluctantly, knowing I would be subjected to the food plan, but also curious, because I could stand to lean up too. At the kickoff seminar, I was impressed with the individual attention David gave to his clients, including their significant others. He wasn’t in a rush, he was happy to explain things thoroughly. I found his nutrition advice sound and marvelously simple to follow. No counting calories. Just a few simple rules. All whole-foods based.

Of course, changing one’s eating habits is difficult, and the though of being hungry only adds to the “fun”, I thought gloomily as I began this plan with my wife. Surprise! David’s plan really provides the nutrition you need to avoid the worst kind of cravings that typical diet plans leave you with. This was by far the easiest and most successful nutrition plan my wife and I have tried. We have both leaned up, are continuing to lean up, are enjoying the effort and having fun trying the excellent recipes that were provided.

I am even more impressed with how I have been welcomed along for this plan as a spouse. David knows it takes both of us to be successful. Being able to hear the information first hand allows me to better support my wife, as well as have my own questions answered.

(She has so far lost about 10% body fat!)

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