This journey has been life changing!

IMG_1212Before I found DNA, I was extremely unhappy with my fitness level, my health, and how my
body looked in general. Even though most people would tell me I was lean or skinny, I knew that I was
very unhealthy. I had been feeling out of control with exercise and dieting – trying so many different
things, but not finding anything I could realistically stay with as a lifestyle.

During my first meeting with David, it was confirmed after body measurements and calculations that I
was, in fact, “skinny fat.” He explained the DNA philosophy and his initial plan to create a realistic
means for getting to the fitness level I wanted. I started that day and haven’t looked back!
With just three workouts per week and following DNA’s nutrition plan, I’ve dropped my body fat
percentage from 29% to 20%. I am seeing muscle tone and am so happy with my fitness level. My energy has
increased as well.

This journey has been life changing. It’s a plan I will be able to stick with realistically as a
lifestyle. I am so grateful for David, Tina, Marcin, Ernie, and Emily. Not only have they given me the
tools I need, they are a great support network.

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