“It’s all about the trainers…”

There is nothing like the feeling of entering a CrossFit gym, WOD still unknown, bass beat booming, athletes from the previous session lingering, some still catching their breath, others chatting excitedly about feats completed. Trainers mingle, offering high fives for the day’s accomplishments and words of wisdom or inspiration to those about to begin the class. Everybody is giddy with anticipation or triumph. This feeling of exhilaration has been present at every CrossFit “box” I have trained at. However, since becoming a member of DNA Personal Training, it has become abundantly clear to me that there are critical differences between CrossFit venues.

DNA DowntownSuperficially, the scene at DNA is similar to that described above. But the experience at DNA is profoundly superior to that of any other CrossFit gym I’ve visited. The trainers at DNA are present, capable, and truly committed to helping its members achieve maximum fitness without getting hurt. Not only are they trained to understand the mechanics of each movement, the trainers pay attention and are willing to step in and make corrections to improve form (and thereby function) throughout every single workout. Participants are not encouraged to lift heavier until their body mechanics are right. This is dramatically different from other venues where form is a distant second priority to lifting heavy.

The professionalism and respect of DNA trainers is reflected in the participants who are interactive, fun, and supportive. And, with so few injuries, athletes can participate consistently and achieve impressive health goals. As somebody with major muscle imbalances (partly exacerbated by years of careless CrossFit form), and subsequent physiological dysfunction, I am extremely grateful for the care DNA trainers put into their approach. I have received more helpful feedback during my first two months of training at DNA than I had during 4 years of training elsewhere and, as a result, I feel confident and inspired to push myself.

DNA truly is a brand of its own, and stands in contrast to the mediocre gyms popping up around town.  It will be worth your while. Enjoy.

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  • Laura October 5, 2015  

    Great article Marci. I have been a member of several different CrossFit gyms and through my travels have dropped in to many more. By far I have learned more at DNA than all other gyms combined!