Pima Canyon Over Night Hike


On October 18 & 19, DNA Fit Club will be going on an over night hike to “Table Top”, beginning at Pima Canyon Trailhead. This will be a rugged 6 hour ascent up some rocky, and steep terrain, and will definitely be a test of endurance. We consider this event to be for the intermediate to advanced adventure seeker capable of packing their own supplies such as plenty of water, sleeping bag, and food at the very least. You pack it in, You pack it out!

We plan on carpooling as there are fees for overnight parking.

We don’t know at this point if we could expect wet weather, however, I put a list together that includes optional rain gear. Things you will need:

  • WATER! Arizona BUREAU OF LAND MANAGEMENT suggests 1 gallon per person, per day. This varies per individual, but if you’re unsure about how much to bring, 1 gallon per day is generally a good start. October in the Catalinas shouldn’t be too hot, plus our rainy season might provide some emergency water sources if needed. 2 gallons of water weighs 16lbs, but too much might be better than not enough.
  • Very comfortable footwear. Try to avoid shoes that have mesh tops that would allow thorns through. Hiking boots might be the best option.
  • Sleeping bag
  • Tarp in case it rains. (a light weight tent if you’d be ok with hiking up the extra weight)!
  • Jacket/sweater. You might need this for hanging out in the evening by the camp fire. Type might depend on your preference.
  • Food. Ready to eat and/or canned food might be the best option.
  • Hat (optional)
  • Wear pants not shorts. (optional, though there will be some bush whacking). I love my convertible zip-off pants to shorts!
  • An extra pair of socks. I always take a spare on over-nighters.
  • Headlamp and spare batteries. Have you ever had to use the restroom in pitch black, at 2am in the middle of the woods?
  • Toilet paper. See above.
  • Fork/Spoon
  • Poncho. This is a very light and compact solution to rainy weather. Worth it IMO.
  • Insect repellent. Optional, but could keep you comfy.
  • Zip lock bags. 1st for food and stuff. 2nd to keep your phone/electronics safe in case of rain.
  • A couple of large garbage bags. Multi-use but could also be a rain cover for your backpack.


HOTSHOTS – 10 August 2013 @DNA

hotshots2We at DNA believe in giving back. Last year, we hosted the 31 Heroes workout in early August. We considered doing it again this year, but after the Yarnell Hill fire disaster on 30 June, we decided that we wanted to help some special people closer to home. Therefore, on 10 August at 7:30am, we will host the workout below. Entry donation is $20 per person, and all proceeds will be donated to the families of the HOTSHOT crew lost in June.

Check-in/warmup time is 7:30am, with the workout starting no later than 8am. We will NOT have other classes that day.


Teams of 5 (RX+: team of 3 or 4) — groups can be of mixed ability levels, except for RX+ who should all be advanced!

Complete the task list as a team. 45 min cutoff.

  • 19 rope climbs (scaled: halfway)
  • 19 stretcher carries 200m (2 team members carry 2 bars; bar weight scaled for each team)
  • 19 sandbag or med ball carries 400m
  • 190 pushups
  • 190 KB squats
  • 190 ab mat situps
  • 190 American swings


  • 19 burpees per team member (each person does 19)
  • Continuous carry: one object (TBA) must be carried at all times on the 400m loop, and every participant must carry it at some point during the workout. The object may not touch the ground.

Team members must work together to count the completion of the task list, and to ensure that everyone present carries the object at least once.

Optional: bring a DNA-approved breakfast item to share afterwards. “DNA approved” does not include donuts, unless they’re made with coconut flour, but does include fruit, quiche (no wheat), etc.


Entry donations will be accepted HERE or at DNA on the day of the workout. We look forward to seeing you there!



Tri, tri again

Two months ago, I signed up for the Firecracker Tri and decided that I was not going to train specifically for it. Now that I have more or less recovered from the race last Sunday, it’s time to evaluate the results.

I was probably more excited about Natalie racing in her first tri than I was about my own race. At 5:51am, my 8-year-old jumped into the pool and hammered out a 250m swim. She also had not been practicing lap swimming, and had never traversed a 50m pool before, but she did just fine and got herself to the transition with a smile.  I helped her get her shoes and helmet on, and away she went for a lap around the U of A. Her second transition was blazing – it’s easy when you just drop the bike and remove the helmet – and she ran her mile in under 12 minutes. She finished 4th (last) in the 7-8 females, but she beat a few 9-12 year olds and had a lot of fun! She was also thrilled to be allowed to eat bagel…(ick)



Individual sports are more fun with friends, and in the fuss of getting two sets of equipment to the transition area just before the cutoff time, I saw Gene McDougall from GTX. I’ve known him for a while – he’s a fellow

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Five Reasons to check out DNA Fit Club

You’ve seen the announcements on the board; you’ve heard people talking about it; are you still wondering what DNA Fit Club is? Sorry, it’s a secret, and we can’t share that information here. We must protect the innocent.

The Innocent.

On second thought, let’s expose them…

DNA Fit Club is our Extracurricular Activity. The DNA Family loves the gym, but we also like to go places and have fun together beyond our cozy little discomfort zone. Let’s explore five great reasons to check out the DNA Fit Club.

1. Moving in our BEAUTIFUL environment.

Tucson is gorgeous. Even Phoenix isn’t ugly. The Fit Club goes hiking, biking, running, camping, and exploring around our ruggedly beautiful corner of the planet. If you don’t already think that saguaro forests are incredible, join us for an attitude adjustment. Fresh air, sunshine, and plenty of hills to climb are ingredients for happiness.

2. Exploring the Tucson community.

Fit Club participates in local events, and checks out local restaurants afterward. You may well get to experience a side of Tucson that you haven’t seen yet, especially if you are new here, and you’ll meet new people.

3. Supporting causes that matter.

On Saturday, March 30, Fit Club will play in Race’n In the Sun, benefiting agencies that support local youth programs. We’ll check out the Cinco de Mayo 10k in May, which helps the Arizona Cancer Center and Cholla HS Graduates pursuing higher education. We are not a fundraising organization, but some of our events are chosen to support charities, particularly those that focus on helping children.

4. Trying new things. 

Some people have never gone for a hike…hard to believe, but it’s true. When was the last time you went backing and slept outside?  Fit Club chooses a wide variety of activities, and some will be brand new experiences for you. Have you ever tried a MUD RUN?? How about the Warrior Dash on April 13?

5. Having FUN!

FUN is a core value at DNA, and Fit Club is all about enjoying life.  Our events don’t involve pressure or competition – just camraderie and enjoyment of the moment. Doesn’t that sound like a refreshing change from the daily grind?

BONUS: Fit Club is FREE and open to all!!

Other than event costs (optional – you can enjoy Fit Club and only attend the activities without an entry fee), Fit Club is a bonus for DNA members, and a no-obligation free activity for non-members. That’s right – you can bring your dad, your buddy, your neighbor’s cute daughter…anyone can join Fit Club. If we are going mountain biking and you know your roommate has been interested in trying it, invite her to go along! Some events will have recommended age ranges and mobility restrictions (people with limitations may just be slower, or the terrain may be too challenging), but every event is open to anyone who is willing and able to try.

Ask any coach for more information, or just show up for our next event. We have several coming soon! The list below is incomplete and subject to change, so watch the board for updates.

  • March 30: Race’n in the Sun, Catalina HS, 8am
  • April 13: Warrior Dash, Florence, AZ (signup required)
  • April 20th weekend: hiking or camping, TBA
  • April 27th: Tactical Strength Challenge at Evolution Fitness (deadlift, max rep strict pullups, kettlebell snatch test – a fun, low-pressure competition, and you don’t have to be superman/woman to play)
  • May 5: Cinco de Mayo 10k