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"We'll teach you everything we know"

Company Overview

DNA Personal Training incorporates revolutionary and modern training methods to help clients achieve fitness breakthroughs through a scientific approach to training.

Products and Services

DNA Personal Training offers a clean, welcoming, cutting-edge training studio that integrates functional movements, modern strength training techniques, and the power of modern nutrition training, to achieve uniquely outstanding results in client fitness. This workout paradigm has been proven to be extremely effective, and many “average” people have achieved stunning results with this form of training – in relatively little time!

With DNA’s Private Personal Training, clients will experience rapid improvements in their health and physiques from highly customized, focused one-on-one or semi-private training. The private training classes provide very close attention to specific-goal programming and effectiveness, and are catered to individual needs.

DNA’s research program will underlie the training programs offered. The team will develop and test hypotheses in a program that searches to discover and quantify the most effective training methods for different demographics and for the population as a whole. The program will also scientifically investigate the benefits of different nutritional approaches, with the consent and cooperation of clients.

Meet The Coach

You are a Chemistry Set, Nutrition provides the elements, Exercise is the Catalyst. I’ll teach the formula that works best for your ‘Machine’.

As the visionary driving DNA, David has dedicated his life to extensive research on physiology and nutritional sciences. Through years of study and over 14,000 personal training hours, David has developed the incredibly effective and efficient programs employed at DNA.

Of the over 100,000 CrossFit trainers around the globe, David is 1 of 49 that hold an Official CrossFit Level-4 Coaches Certification!

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