Jamie Wong

 Jamie Lost 12% bodyfat, dropping from 37% down to 24% in 6 months!

jamie-wong-Photo-Sep-17,-5-52-19-AMIn the past I have struggled with my weight constantly going up and down and staying healthy.  I’ve always lost weight by taking in less calories and increasing my activity.  It was difficult because I would be hungry and tired all of the time.

When I joined DNA I thought it would be good to just try this crossfit stuff everyone was talking about and do something different.  I wanted to kick start my weight loss so I joined the 21-day nutrition challenge that helped with nutrition portion and included taking the classes.

Right away I could feel a difference in the amount of energy that I had.  I felt awake and alert all day at work and it felt great.  Plus, I wasn’t ever hungry.

After the challenge ended I stayed on the nutrition plan and for the next couple months I didn’t have any big losses in terms of weight.  I have always focused on the scale so it was easy to get discouraged.

One thing that kept me motivated was that I continued to get stronger and faster during workouts.  I kept beating PRs (personal records) and my running had improved more in the past few months than it had in the past few years!

It helped to have the support from all the trainers and everyone in the class.  When I was measured this past week it showed that the numbers were finally catching up to how I was feeling and that just makes me excited to see what else I can do in the next few months.

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